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WaxWel Machine Paraffin Bars Heated Foot / Hand

Fabrication Enterprises

Wintergreen Fragrance, 1 lb., 5 X 7 X 9 Inch


  • Compatible with all paraffin warmers
  • Residue free, pliable and specially blended for softness, easy of application and ease of removal
  • Wintergreen scent offers a delightful aroma that is invigorating and clean
  • 6 blocks per box




Shipping Weight

6.2 LB


Machine Heated

5 X 7 X 9 Inch

Paraffin Wax


Therapy Gel & Wax

Foot / Hand



County of Origin: United States

WaxWel Paraffin Bath Blocks, 6 units Box

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Box
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