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Skin Fold Management Pad

Skin Fold Management Pad Tranquility ThinLiner®

  • 100% breathable, soft cloth-like sheets reduce skin-on-skin friction
  • Collects, absorbs and retains moisture
  • Sheets can be folded to any size, but should not be cut
  • Moisture absorbency: 8½ ounces

Tranquility ThinLiner®

Shipping Weight

6 LB

6 X 14 Inch


Skin Fold Management

Personal Care>Skin Care>Skin Fold Management

6 x 14 inch

Skin Fold Management


County of Origin: United States

Tranquility ThinLiner® Skin Fold Pad, 200 units Case, 6 x 14 Inch

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Case
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