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TENA® Classic Soft Pack Aloe / Vitamin E / Chamomile Scented 96 Count Personal Wipes


Manufacturer: Essity HMS North America Inc




  • Efficient, quality cleansing, ideal for everyday use
  • Alcohol-free with aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E to help soothe fragile skin
  • A mild scent leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean, and free from odors
  • One-handed dispensing with a closable lid that promotes infection control with single-wipe dispensing
  • 7-9/10 X 12-1/2 Inch

  • Scented Cloth-Like Material

  • Non Sterile Perineal Wipes


Shipping Weight

1.9 LB


County of Origin: United States

Tena Scented Classic Washcloth, Soft Pack, 96 units Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Bag
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