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Sage Products Prevalon® Heel Protector

Heel Protector, One Size Fits Most, Blue / Gray


  • The Prevalon® heel protector keeps the heel elevated and prevents pressure
  • A built-in wedge prevents lateral rotation, protecting the nerves and maintaining a neutral position
  • The contracture strap reduces the risk of further ankle injuries
  • The rip-stop nylon material slides over bed sheets, providing patients with freedom of movement
  • The Prevalon® pressure-relieving heel protector works with sequential compression devices (available separately)




Shipping Weight

1.05 LB


Blue / Gray

Nylon / Open-weave Fabric

Hook and Loop Strap Fastening

One Size Fits Most

Open Toe


Heel Support

One Size Fits Most

Blue and Gray


FSA Eligible


Heel Protector

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each
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