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McKesson Brand

Thin Silicone Foam Dressing McKesson Lite 3 X 3 Inch Square Silicone Gel Adhesive with Border Sterile


  • The 3 x 3 inch McKesson silicone foam dressings are suitable for multiple ulcer and wound types
  • A silicone gel adhesive keeps them securely in place and peels off with minimal disturbance
  • The gel sticks to the surrounding dry skin instead of the wound bed for added comfort
  • The dressings form a leak-resistant seal
  • A breathable outer film layer allows air flow while keeping out moisture and bacteria
  • A 1-4/5 x 1-4/5 inch pad absorbs fluid for further leak protection
  • The silicone gel adhesive dressings retain adherence when removed and repositioned
  • There're 10 dressings per box


Thin Silicone Foam Dressing

McKesson Lite


Shipping Weight

0.12 LB


Film Backing


3 X 3 Inch

Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Hydrocellular Foam

1-4/5 X 1-4/5 Inch Pad



Silicone Gel Adhesive with Border


Wound Care>Wound Dressings>Foams

3 x 3 Inch


Foam Dressings


McKesson Lite Silicone Gel Adhesive , 3 x 3 Inch, Box , 10 Units

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Box
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