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Drawtex® Edema Wrap Cotton / Polyester / Viscose Hydroconductive Wound Dressing

by Urgo Medical North America LLC


Size: 4 X 11 Inch



  • LevaFiber™ technology allows the dressing to lift, hold, and transfer the wound exudate both vertically and horizontally by hydroconductive action
  • Ideal comfort layer wrap that assists patients and clinicians with the management of disease states associated with high volumes of exudative fluid


Shipping Weight

1.13 LB



4 X 11 Inch

Non-Adherent Dressings

County of Origin: South Africa

Drawtex® Edema Wrap Hydroconductive Wound Dressing, 4 x 11 Inch, 5 units Box

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Box
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