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Cando® Therapy Foam Roller Foam 6 X 12 Inch


  • White, polyethylene foam is ideal for muscle restoration, massage therapy, sports recovery, and physical therapy due to its ability to increase blood flow and improving blood circulation
  • Can also improve positioning, balance, body awareness and coordination, and strengthening activities
  • A great option to use in tandem with CanDo® exercise bands, tubing, weights, or balls
  • Easy to clean after each use
  • Measures 6 Inches in Diameter and 36 Inches in length


Therapy Foam Roller



Shipping Weight

1.1 LB


6 X 12 Inch


Massage Equipment

Physical Therapy>Massage Equipment

Therapy Mats and Pads



Country of Origin:

United States


CanDo® Round Foam Roller, 6 Inches by 36 Inches

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each
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