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Air-Cast Air-Stirrup® Universe™ Ankle Sprain Management Kit


Includes: Air-Stirrup* Universe* Ankle Brace, Ankle Wrap, Cold Pack, Exercise Band, Instructional DVD, and Booklet


  • Universal semi-rigid shell design with duplex air cell technology to reduce swelling and pain and encourage earlier ambulation
  • The ankle wrap provides additional circumferential compression to control swelling when used in conjunction with the ankle brace
  • The cold pack helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with a sprain
  • Exercise band helps strengthen the ankle with exercises
  • DVD and instructional booklet provide instructions for the proper treatment and rehabilitation of an ankle sprain
  • The ankle brace is 9½ inches tall and fits left or right ankle


Air-Stirrup® Universe™


Shipping Weight

1.08 LB


Orthopedic Accessories


Ankle Sprain Management Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each
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